1/31/22 PRESS RELEASE Regarding Jon King’s decision to exit early from WHMI, there are reports that state a single advertiser is responsible for his exit which is completely false. The fact is that no advertiser gave an ultimatum to terminate Jon King or they would pull their advertising. The company would never cower to such a demand. Additionally, no advertiser pulled their advertising due to threats of boycotts from various groups.

In our need to address the concerns of the Station’s news presentation, the management team at WHMI met with Jon to discuss this. We had fundamental disagreements on the direction of the News Department moving forward. As hope for an agreed strategy failed, Jon suggested that we create an exit plan for him. On January 27, 2022 Krol Communications presented Jon with a Separation Agreement making February 25, 2022 his last day at WHMI. Without informing us, the following day on the air, Jon decided to make Friday, January 28 his last day signing off near the end of the shift. Mike Marino independently submitted his resignation and signed off as well. We wish the two of them all the best! WHMI will continue to provide our community with the best in local news and information. We ask for your patience during the process of hiring our next News Director and Morning Show.