A statewide tornado drill is planned tomorrow and participation is encouraged of residents and businesses in Livingston County.

All outdoor warning sirens in Livingston County will be set off at 1:00pm Wednesday and the Livingston County Public Alerting System will contact residents via landline telephone, cell phone, text message, and/or email to announce the drill. Participation in the sheltering portion of the drill is voluntary. This marks the third consecutive year that Livingston County is participating to promote community preparedness and safety as everyone enters severe weather and tornado season in Michigan.

Livingston County residents, businesses, schools, local and county government agencies are being asked to take a few minutes to practice severe weather and tornado sheltering safety by taking part in the drill. Participation should include taking shelter as though a tornado has been spotted in the area. Officials say it’s important to discuss where to shelter and what to do, whether at home or work, and practice your plan. It’s also an opportunity to review emergency weather plans and make updates if needed.

Wednesday’s drill is being done in conjunction with Severe Weather Awareness Week, which runs through Saturday. More information about the drill and preparedness is available through the provided link. (JM)