The rain that fell in Livingston County this week has resulted in flood warnings and several road closures.

The flooding forecast for the Huron River in Hamburg Township has changed from minor to moderate severity. The river was at 7.1 feet and rising, flood stage is 6.5 feet. The river is expected to crest around 7.2 feet and then remain near steady through the weekend. The National Weather Service says scattered light rain through the weekend will have little impact on the river’s current situation. The flood warning is in effect until further notice.

Between 2 and 3 inches of rain fell from Monday through Wednesday in Livingston County, and its absorption into the soil was hampered by frost. That resulted in widespread flooding and several roads remain closed throughput Livingston County and surrounding areas. Those are detailed in a separate story on our website. However, the situation is said to be improving and some roads that were previously closed to traffic re-opened today. (JM)