A settlement has been reached between Lyon Township officials and a local developer over requested commercial rezoning. A lawsuit has been settled over a requested commercial rezoning at the northeast corner of 10 Mile and Milford Road in Lyon Township. The request had met all the requirements of the township ordinance but was not recommended for approval by the planning commission. Developer Todd Wyett had at one point hoped to build a Kroger with a gas station on the 18 acre property. Township officials were against it citing a desire to keep nearby resident’s water safe, according to the South Lyon Herald.

The settlement will allow for 15 of the 18 acres to be available for commercial development, with the remaining 3 to be reserved for a storm water retention basin and buffer for neighboring residents to the north. Wyett claimed that this was what he was hoping for originally, just without the gas station, and that the township spending legal fees on this made no sense to him. Lyon Township Supervisor John Dolan was pleased, stating that they couldn’t allow the heavy gas station use with the well-head protection area. The property had been zoned single family residential, leaving some residents worried about what it becoming commercial would now do to their property values and traffic in the general vicinity. Wyett currently has no prospective tenants of plans for development on the parcel. (MK)