The Livingston County Health Department reports progress is being made in fulfilling the goals of a five-year plan that aims to better health and wellness among community members.

The Community Health Improvement Plan, or CHIP, is now in year three of its implementation. The plan was created in 2015 by approximately 65 residents that wanted to contribute to a strategy that would help improve health and well-being.

Stakeholders ultimately identified ten priority areas and each was given an action plan detailing what can be done to enhance related resources and programs. Mental and dental health, chronic disease, transportation, affordable housing, health education, health integration, communication, sexually transmitted diseases, and substance abuse are all being addressed through CHIP.

Health Promotion and Accreditation coordinator Chelsea Moxlow says the action plans for each area are fluid, changing to meet community needs or funding availability. However she does note there has been consistent momentum to increase substance abuse prevention, and access to transportation and dental health resources. While not always easy, she feels it’s important the effort continues for the benefit of Livingston County residents.

CHIP and its progress reports can be viewed through the link below. (DK)