The son of a World War II airman will be recounting his father’s amazing tale during a special presentation in Brighton.

John Carah was a U.S. Army Air Force airman during the Second World War When Carah’s B-17 was shot down over France in 1943, he parachuted to safety, was rescued by the French Underground, and made his way to safety in Switzerland. His son, Warren Carah, will tell this amazing story of how his dad was then hired as an assistant military attaché, worked for the Office of Strategic Services, and was likely witness to several secrets of the war during an upcoming presentation at the Brighton District Library.

Carah said he began sharing his father’s story after becoming aware at how little younger generations knew about World War II. He calls World War II “probably the most fundamental event in our recent history that brought us to where we are as a world leader and champion of democracy.”

Carah will have on display artifacts and pieces of his father’s plane that his father recovered upon returning to the crash site in 1996. The presentation will take place at the Brighton Library on Monday, February 5th, from 7pm to 8:30. Call the library at (810) 229-6571, extension 227 to register. (MK)