A vacancy has been filled on the City of Howell’s Main Street and Downtown Development Authority Board.

The board met Wednesday and approved a resolution making Jonathan Myers a member. Myers already serves on the city’s Design Committee, which handles sign incentives and overall beautification in downtown Howell. He and his family have volunteered at a variety of community events since last summer, prompting him to find a way to become even more involved. Myers says having contributed to the area’s aesthetics, he wanted to have a role from a management perspective.

Myers lives across from the central business district in downtown Howell and says he wants to be a part of the city’s forward momentum. Myers says he is eager to connect with business owners to discover what can be done to make the city even better. DDA Director Cathleen Edgerly says as a resident who is already very active in the community, Myers brings a different perspective. She feels he is “forward-thinking” in terms of the future for the downtown region and how it fits within the city.

Myers will remain on the Design Committee in addition to his new role. His membership is effective immediately and he will be sworn in by the City Clerk next month. (DK)