The Howell City Council will convene for its annual retreat in early February.

Council and staff are in the process of finalizing goals, objectives, and what members might want to prioritize for the next fiscal year. The upcoming budget is also expected to be discussed, along with municipal finance challenges.

City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI they come together once a year to set goals and objectives for the next fiscal year, which starts July 1st. He noted they are headed deep into budget season, so that will also be discussed. Charles says the retreat is a good opportunity to check in with everyone, see where everything is at and where council wants to go over the next fiscal year.

The two major initiatives that will be topics of conversation include a 10-year infrastructure plan for roads, water and sewer services; as well as property maintenance code and options, which have been an ongoing conversation amongst council. Mayor Nick Proctor indicated he would also like to continue discussion related to the police safety assessment.

Council members will be completing a survey that asks them to prioritize existing values and action items ahead of the annual retreat, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd. The results will then be provided as part of the session to help facilitate conversation. (JM)