At their meeting Monday night, Livingston County’s Public Safety and Infrastructure and Development Committee approved the request for a Tornado Drill Day in Livingston County.

For the third consecutive year, Livingston County will be participating in the state-wide program to promote tornado safety precautions. On Wednesday, April 11th all of Livingston County is encouraged to participate in a tornado warning simulation. At 1:00 PM, alert sirens will be alarmed throughout the county for approximately ten minutes. This is to give county officials, employers, and citizens the opportunity to practice the proper way to handle an actual tornado warning. Livingston County’s Emergency Manager Therese Cremonte said the previous years have been a great success for the county’s drill day and she hopes for an equal amount of participation this year. She also went into detail on what actions should be taken should an actual tornado hit.

The first step is to get indoors and get to the lowest level of the building possible. If it is impossible to immediately get indoors, the next best thing is to be secure inside of a vehicle, buckle up your seatbelt, and hunch down as far below the windows as possible.

Cremonte later went on to thank the committee for approving the drill day. She said she feels very blessed to be a team member of a county that cares so deeply about the safety and wellbeing of their residents. (DF)