An upcoming event will benefit a non-profit in its venture to support persons seeking long term treatment from addiction.

The Amber Reineck House in Livingston County, in partnership with Home of New Vision, is hosting a fundraising gala event on February 17th at Crystal Gardens in Genoa Township. The Amber Reineck House is dedicated to acquiring affordable properties to be used by nonprofit organizations as housing and treatment services for those seeking long term recovery. Courtney Atsalakis of Pinckney is leading the effort to open a recovery home in memory of her sister Amber Reineck, who died of a heroin overdose in December of 2015.

Atsalakis says her sister worked in construction as a bridge painter but suffered an injury, and was prescribed pain medication. She became addicted to the pills first, but the family later discovered she had developed a heroin addiction. Atsalakis says they got the tragic knock on the door on Christmas Eve and she has since adopted her sister's two children, who are now 13 and 17 years old.

Atsalakis says more resources are needed locally for those seeking help and the goal is to open a fully functional long term recovery home for women in 2018. Tickets to the Amber Reineck House Gala include dinner, speakers with expertise in addiction and mental health needs in the community, entertainment, a silent auction and raffle. Details can be found through the link and attachment. (JM)