As recreation and trail networks increase in popularity, two local projects are planned that will boost connectivity.

One trail to be constructed is in Green Oak Township along M-36 from US-23. The trail will also be constructed down Lemen Road and tie into the Hamburg Township section of the Lakeland Trail to allow for continuity. The Livingston County Road Commission and Green Oak Township are working with the Michigan Department of Transportation to try and figure out a way to get across the freeway. Road Commission Managing Director Mike Craine says the existing interchanges are going to be replaced but they don’t know when or what they’ll look like, so they don’t really have a good spot to get across the freeway. Regardless, the idea is to be able to tie into trails located to the east in Green Oak.

Meanwhile on the other end of the county, Craine tells WHMI the Road Commission is working with Unadilla Township to complete the rest of the Lakeland Trail to the west, at the Ingham County line. Craine says there’s a lot of excitement about the trail projects, saying the upcoming two will complete the notion of a “lake to lake” trail. He says the state’s goal is to have a trail stretching from Lake Michigan to Lake Erie as part of an east-west statewide trail system. He says another effort involves north-south trail system statewide.

Both trail projects are expected to be done during the upcoming construction season. (JM)