Marcus and Amy Goller propose to use what is now Beverly Rae’s at 306 West Main in downtown Brighton for their coffee house and theater venue. City Manager Nate Geinzer emphasizes that the special land use permit is for a limited use of the building.

Geinzer also says that the city does not get involved in landlord-tenant disputes and the city’s approval would only be utilized in the event of a change in use of the building. The coffee shop is already a permitted use in that area according to zoning regulations, so the special land use permit is needed only for the theater operation.

Amy Goller told council she wants to use the second floor of the building as a place for acting lessons for children. She said any theatrical performances would only be in the evening and on weekends and would not interfere with the coffee house operation.

Objecting to the proposal were Tom and Deborah Karley, the owners of Beverly Rae’s, who are currently locked in a tenant-landlord dispute with the owner of the property. The Karleys say they have a valid lease which is good until 2020 and have been in business for 40 years in the community.

Council Member Jim Bohn and some members of the audience who commented at call-to-the-public were concerned about the dearth of parking on that side of downtown, saying the additional stress on available parking would negatively impact existing businesses. Council, on a 5-2 vote, approved the special land use permit with the proviso that theater performances be restricted to evenings and weekends.

Council Members Shawn Pipoly, Renee Pettengill, Susan Gardner, Kris Tobbe and Jon Emaus voted in favor of the motion while Major Jim Muzzin and Council Member Jim Bohn voted no. Mayor Pro-Tem Pipoly said the whole thing may end up being a moot point because the tenant appears to have a valid lease on the property.(TT)