Livingston County EMS will be purchasing four new ambulances this year.

The purchase of three ambulances was budgeted for and approved in the department’s 2018 budget. However a fourth one will need to be purchased as one of their ambulances was recently involved in an accident and determined a total loss.

In a memo to the county’s Board of Commissioners, EMS Director Jeff Boyd says while responding to a call, an ambulance struck a low-hanging tree branch, causing a delamination of the aluminum roof that covers the patient compartment. The vehicle would have required major repairs so EMS is coordinating with the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA) to replace it.

On Tuesday, the county’s Board of Commissioners approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of four Type III Medix ambulances for the department. Each will cost $167,999, for a total expenditure of $671,996. EMS will be reimbursed by the MMRMA for the fourth ambulance, less any deductibles.

Each vehicle will come with a new modem for cellular data transmissions, front, rear, and cab view cameras, and black box technology. (DK)