Green Oak Township is moving forward in the process of constructing its new police station.

The current station (pictured) is “severely outdated”, according to Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles. The new one will be located behind the township’s existing fire station off of Whitmore Lake Road, adjacent to the Legacy Center. On Wednesday, the Board of Trustees approved a contract award recommendation for a $1.3 million bid package. St. Charles says the package will address earthwork on the site, plumbing, fire protection, utilities, electric installation, and the septic system.

The board also approved a transfer of $1.5 million to the general fund, which will help fund the estimated $6 million station. The remaining $4.5 million will come from bonds that will be paid off over the next 20 years. St. Charles says the timing works out well because the municipality will retire its debt on the township hall building in a few years, which means the bond payments will replace the building payments.

St. Charles says the goal is to have the department moved into its new building this fall, meaning there’s no time to waste in the construction process. The current focus is being placed on site drainage issues. St. Charles says a large retention pond is needed there because it will service the police station, but also needs to be able to service a new fire station the township plans to build on the property as well.

St. Charles says thinking ahead to prepare for both buildings will save residents a lot of money, noting the township does not want to come back to its taxpayers for additional funds later on. St. Charles says ultimately, they are focused on “doing it right the first time”. (DK)