An upcoming seminar held by St. Joseph Mercy Health System will provide parents with lesser-known information about teenage drug use.

“Drugs 101” is geared toward parents and adult community members as it seeks to inform them about the many ways drugs can be used, having evolved to allow for numerous and surprising methods. There are many ways for teens to conceal and use drugs in today’s culture, according to Kaitlin Fink, Coordinator for the Livingston County Community Alliance (LCCA). LCCA is a grassroots coalition aimed at reducing and preventing drug abuse. Fink declined to go into details to avoid giving out ideas, but says the information about drug use and accessibility is “very eye-opening for parents”.

The “Drugs 101” seminar will be held at St. Agnus Church in Fowlerville on Tuesday, February 27th. Participants will first walk through a mock setup of a teenager’s bedroom and will be asked to identify any items they believe to be drug paraphernalia. Local statistics and tools for talking with teens about the issue will be included in a presentation afterward. At the end of the event, presenters will show what items in the bedroom are drug-related and where paraphernalia is usually hid.

Fink says the LCCA intends to provide similar training and informational programs throughout the year, with a focus on youth marijuana use, underage drinking, and prescription drug abuse.

Those interested in attending “Drugs 101” are asked to register so organizers can plan accordingly. That can be done at the link below. (DK)