The next step in completing a shooting range in Hamburg Township for police officers has been given the green light from the Board of Trustees.

Hamburg Township Police Chief Rick Duffany went before the board Tuesday night to secure payment and permits for a pavilion at the range. A pavilion is next step in finishing the range that will be located on the back section of a parcel owned by the township and used by the Department of Public Works on M-36, west of Merrill Road. Duffany laid out to the Board several reasons why the pavilion is necessary. It will give instructors a place to teach as well as a place for officers to load, unload, and clean their guns. The pavilion will also provide storage space for ammunition and give officers in training a place to take shelter from the elements under. The Board approved a motion for purchasing of materials not to exceed $5,500 for the 24 foot by 32 foot structure. Duffany said the shooting range is being funded by drug forfeiture money and will not cost residents anything.

Clerk Michael Dolan questioned if the Board should add $1,000 to the motion to supply electricity to the building. Duffany said he needed to gather more information on powering the pavilion, but that it would be very useful for training officers for night-time operations. The chief said half of his force works the night shift and that “what you think you see or perceive at night is completely different when the sun is shining.” The Board was in support of helping with it, asking that the Chief come back to a future meeting with further knowledge of what it will cost.

A second part to the motion asked for the removal of land use permit fees and for the Supervisor to request that the county building department waive their fees, too.

Labor for the pavilion will be donated by retired Sergeant Pat DeBottis and his Howell-run development and asphalt company. All parties involved are hoping to have the pavilion built in March as soon as the frost is off the ground. (MK)