The City of South Lyon has extended its trash contract at an increase to residents.

City Council recently approved a 4 year extension with GFL USA at a 3.5% rate increase to homeowners. Residents of single-family homes paying quarterly will now be charged $142.32 a year, while multi-family units will pay $124.92. Rate increases under the new extension will continue to be based on the rate of inflation but the top rate allowed will be reduced to 2% from 3%, according to the South Lyon Herald.

General Manager Mike Csapo of the Resource and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County recommended the extension. Csapo said the City already provides one of the best deals in the area for sanitation services and that he didn’t think they would find a better one if they put the contract out to bid. GFL USA took over the contract last fall after acquiring Rizzo Environmental Services, which had acquired it from locally based Duncan Disposal Systems in July 2016. The new rate for residents becomes effective on July 1st. (MK)