Reconstruction of a roundabout in Green Oak Township aims to help reduce crashes.

The Livingston County Road Commission earlier announced upcoming construction projects, including one at the dual roundabout near the Green Oak Village Place Mall at the intersection of Lee and Whitmore Lake Roads at US-23.
Managing Director Mike Craine tells WHMI they plan to shrink the Whitmore Lake roundabout, which is partially three lanes. He says what they’re finding is that almost all of the crashes occurring at the roundabout, involve improper turns. Craine says people panic when they find themselves in the wrong lane and then turn without checking to see if anyone is behind them.

Craine says the project involves very complicated construction that will result in several complete closures at Whitmore Lake and Lee Roads and have a major impact on traffic. The longest is anticipated to total 14 days but there will also be a lot of nighttime closures. He says work involves ripping out all of the old concrete to essentially increase the size of the island, narrow the roundabout from the inside toward the outside and then repave everything.

The project is expected to be let out to bid in February and among the specifications is to not allow any closures until after school lets out. Craine says any contractor would be given about 60 days to complete the project, on account of how many retailers are located in the area and not wanting to harm back to school sales. He says they’re concentrating construction roughly between the second week of June and the last week in July. (JM)