U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow shared her ideas for stabilizing the economy and workforce during a leg of her small business tour in downtown Howell.

The Michigan Democrat represented the 8th Congressional District from 1997 to 2001 and says she specifically wanted to reach out to businesses within the community. Stabenow made stops this morning at Uptown Coffeehouse, Heart of Michigan, and Cleary’s Pub, and spoke with owners and employees about the challenges small businesses face.

Stabenow says one such challenge that’s been brought to her attention is the inability to access capital that would help small businesses expand. Stabenow advocated for Small Business Administration programs that help bridge that gap. She says she also championed for historic preservation tax credits, which were almost lost during the creation of the tax overhaul plan. Stabenow opposed the reform legislation but spoke favorably of some of its developments, like Fiat Chrysler’s plan to bring jobs back to Michigan.

When asked about Democratic leaders’ recent comments about a “big, blue wave” sweeping Republicans out of office in this year’s election, Stabenow says “we’ll see”. Stabenow has lived in Michigan her entire life and says its residents expect their representation to work hard to earn their vote. She feels she does that every day and moving forward wants to remain “laser-focused” on rebuilding Michigan's infrastructure, bringing high speed internet to every part of the state, and driving down the rising cost of prescription drugs.

Stabenow, who is seeking a fourth term in the Senate, is facing several challengers looking to unseat her in this year’s race. (DK)