Marion Township officials have responded to the state Treasury’s request for improvement of budget deficiencies.

In a letter sent to the township last month, the Treasury Department stated that Marion Township’s certified public accountant noted that actual expenditures exceeded the amounts authorized in the budget. They then asked for a detailed corrective action plan that will be used to resolve the matter. In a response, Supervisor Bob Hanvey stated that he didn’t believe a plan was necessary. Hanvey said that the township was $48 over on one line item in their million dollar budget. Trustee Les Andersen said he was surprised the letter was sent, and felt the response was appropriate. Hanvey explained that usually these differences are amended into the budget at the end of the fiscal year, but suggested maybe the board could start looking at them more often, possibly quarterly.

If the Treasury Department isn’t satisfied then possible repercussions could include a state audit or actions that would make it difficult for the township to borrow money, if needed. Hanvey said he didn’t expect it to get to that, especially with the amount in question being so small. The township is still awaiting response from the Treasury. (MK)