The Putnam Township Planning Commission reviewed a final site plan for a new development by a landscaping professional.

Representatives from Metro West Outdoor Services in Pinckney went before the commission Wednesday to present the site plan that would allow them to move the business to 10364 Dexter-Pinckney Road. The preliminary site plan was approved last fall but the planning commission still had a couple primary issues they wished to see fixed. Chairman Jeff Lomber said the design standard was one of them, but with the company already doing a lot of business in the area he expects they’ll be able to make it look like something really nice. The other primary issue was with landscaping and trees along the property’s frontage, but being they are a landscaping company, Lomber didn’t suspect that would be a problem moving forward.

It was noted by the township planner that all of the outdoor lighting was proposed to be attached to the new building. Local ordinances require separate parking lot lighting, even when the business is only going to be open during daylight hours, like Metro West. Because of its proximity to residential zoning, they will only be required to install one light pole and fixture not to exceed 15 feet in height.

The planning commission recommended approval of the final site plan to the Putnam Township Board of Trustees by a 6-1 vote. The Board will make a decision on it at their next meeting. (MK)