A South Lyon man was arrested after police say he admitted to huffing duster in his vehicle and passed out.

Someone flagged down a South Lyon firefighter around 4:15pm last Saturday, January 6th to report a man sleeping in a vehicle on Reese Street near the railroad tracks, worried he might need medical attention. The firefighter observed the subject slumped over and the door locked. When the firefighter knocked on the window the second time, the driver woke up but said he was fine. The firefighter indicated she was concerned for the driver’s safety, noting he had slurred speech and appeared sleepy. She contacted her partner for assistance and upon arrival; the male subject left the area and drove to a home on Donovan.

The two fire fighters followed and contacted South Lyon Police. Officers located the vehicle in a driveway at a home on Donovan, which was running with the 27-year-old male subject inside. During questioning, the man said he did not remember stopping at the railroad tracks or falling asleep but consented to a search of the vehicle. Two aerosol cans of “Blow Off” duster were found, one on the passenger seat and another under the gas pedal. The subject admitted to huffing the duster and receipts for six cans of duster in three separate purchases within two days were also found. He was subsequently arrested and police are awaiting the results of blood tests, which will be sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Meanwhile, the same subject was charged last summer for operating under the influence of drugs after a head-on crash at Pontiac Trail and Heritage. The subject was traveling southbound and his vehicle drifted into the northbound lane, striking a Ford Escape head-on. The Escape was driven by a 74-year-old South Lyon man and his 74-year-old wife was a passenger, who suffered hand injuries. At the scene of that crash, the subject informed police that he had been involved in a separate accident in Green Oak Township about 15 minutes prior. (JM)