Hartland Township officials are putting a long anticipated pathway project out to bid.

The Board of Trustees, Tuesday night, authorized the township’s Department of Public Works to solicit bids for a prospective sidewalk down Hartland Road. The new pathway would run from near Meijer to Dunham Road, connecting the village to the commercial area. Hartland Township Supervisor Bill Fountain said during the informational session of a December board meeting that they have been talking about doing this for years, and that this is why they dedicated money for it in their capital projects fund.

Previously, the Board of Trustees had discussed how this would essentially wipe out that fund and still require a small dip into the general fund balance. During Tuesday’s meeting, Township Manager James Wickman informed the board that there may be right-of-way funds from the state for utility easements coming back to the township. He proposed using them as they came on the Hartland Road project which could eliminate the need to use general balance funds altogether. Wickman told the board at their previous meeting that if they did have to transfer money from the general fund, that the number is small enough to where it wouldn’t take long to replace it.

With a new theater and housing developments coming into that area, Fountain believes this will be a great boon to residents and visitors of Hartland Township, alike. With the project out for bidding now, Fountain said he believes the pathway will be completed and ready for use this year. (MK)