Proposed developments and new projects in Green Oak Township could make budget planning more challenging than usual.

Supervisor Mark St. Charles says he plans for the worst and when it doesn’t happen, the rest balances out. He feels budgeting is always challenging, saying it’s like trying to look a year and a half into the future, prepare for a multitude of possibilities, and then hope situations don’t occur that could adversely affect revenue. In addition to those obstacles, township officials are tasked with creating a budget for the 2018/2019 fiscal year that will include some significant expenses.

The Board of Trustees met for a budget workshop session Monday and discussed one such item- construction of a new police station. St. Charles says the township is budgeting for almost two buildings as they work to outfit a new facility while the police department is using its old building in the meantime.

As for the township’s building department, St. Charles says new growth in the area is expected, but it’s a “roll of the dice” when it comes to determining whether that growth will impact the department’s budget this year or further on down the line. Generally speaking, St. Charles says his budgeting approach is to remain conservative on revenues and overestimate expenditures.

The board is meeting next Tuesday to discuss the general fund, which will include budgeting for a section of recreational trails. That session will be held at Township Hall at 4:30pm. (DK)