Brighton City Council has approved the purchase of up to $30,000 in digital police security cameras and related apparatus.

The cameras, which were given the okay at last Thursday’s meeting, will be mounted at the corner of Main and West and at the West St. parking lot; at Pierce and North streets, West and North, and the Old Village Cemetery. There are currently no security cameras at the Main and West intersection and the West St. parking lot, whereas the other three will be replacement cameras. The new cameras include pole mount adapters, and the cameras will have a full, 360-degree field of view.

Purchase of the video cameras will come out of the police dept’s. 2017-18 Capital Improvement Project police millage budget. The purchases include all licensing and the cost of installation. The remaining funds from the police equipment budget will be used to start the upgrade of the security camera at city hall, which will be converted from analog to digital. (TT)