The Livingston County Board of Commissioners is halfway through its trial run of broadcasting their bi-monthly meetings.

It was this time last year that a committee was formed and tasked with exploring the concept of broadcasting board meetings. Committee member and Commissioner Gary Childs said he was surprised, himself, to find that they hadn’t been broadcasting meetings while many of the municipalities within the county have been for some time.

He said he understands the concern from some residents on this and that their intention has never been hide what they are doing. He said “There are a small fraction of people that think by not broadcasting, we are trying to not be transparent, which is the farthest thing from my mind. And this is just me talking, not the Board, but I think it would be a good opportunity for all the people to see what we’re all about.”

Childs said the through 3 months of broadcasting they are getting about 600 views per meeting. He said they are getting information like how much and how long people are watching, and where they are skipping around to. When asked about broadcasting the Finance Committee’s meeting, Childs said they are just concentrating on the Board meetings during this trial run.

The meetings are available online in unedited form usually the day after they occur. They can be found under the government tab on the county’s website, by clicking on the Board of Commissioners, and then the video link on the left side. A direct link can be found through the link below. (MK)