The report and investigation is complete following the seizure of animals from a local non-profit rescue organization.

Livingston County Animal Control responded to complaints at Last Chance Rescue in Howell Township and served two search warrants simultaneously in early December; one at the facility and another at a private residence of someone affiliated with the rescue. After observing the animals and living conditions, officials made the decision to seize the animals. The majority of complaints, which prompted the investigation, were said to be centered on unsanitary conditions and animals needing medical care.

The investigation was lengthy but has since been completed according to Animal Control Director Aimee Orn. She says the report has been forwarded to the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office with a recommendation on potential charges, although that recommendation was not disclosed.

The director of the shelter and the owner of the private residence were said to have voluntarily surrendered a majority of the more than 120 animals that were seized from both locations - mostly dogs and cats along with a couple of birds. The animals seized were all evaluated and medically treated. Those voluntarily surrendered were placed up for adoption once ready and listed on the animal shelter website.

Orn says they managed to find homes for some of the dogs while others are up for adoption along with some cats. She says they’re still working to get some of the other cats healthy, which had upper respiratory infections and skin issues that needed to be addressed prior to being placed up for adoption. The other animals not being surrendered remain housed at the shelter and will remain there pending the issuance of any charges or conclusion of any court case. (JM)