Oakland County Animal Control is awaiting the results of DNA samples taken from two dogs suspected of being part wolf that attacked a Highland Township girl last month.

The girl’s family adopted the dogs from an organization in Pennsylvania approximately three weeks prior to the November 30th attack. The two dogs mauled the 7-year-old just after she opened the gate to their pen and bit her mother, who intervened. The girl was taken to University of Michigan’s Mott Children’s Hospital and is said to be doing much better.

After the attack, one of the dogs escaped the property. It returned a few days later, at which time it was shot and killed by the owner. The other dog involved was euthanized by Oakland County Animal Control. Supervisor Ron Shankin says it was determined the dogs showed physical characteristics of possibly being part wolf, which led the agency to take DNA samples. The swabs were submitted to a lab in California and Animal Control is expecting the results any day now. Shankin says this is the first time the agency has encountered an animal they suspected to be part wolf.

Shankin tells WHMI there could be ramifications for the owner if the animals are in fact dog-wolf hybrids, as possessing such an animal is illegal in Michigan. He reiterates the breed has not been confirmed and that the investigation is ongoing. (DK)