Improvements to a multi-mile stretch of trails are coming to Unadilla Township.

State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township announced this week that a 6-mile section of trails in Unadilla have been included in a list of recreational grant recommendations. That recommendation comes from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, which helps with many things including trails, recreational facilities, and recreational opportunities. Vaupel said these improvements could bring long term health benefits with them. He said that it might help keep people and families moving. The representative said that when children are used to getting out in nature, that it is something that grows with them as they get older, and can spread from generation to generation.

The trails will be improved to allow for better pedestrian and bike traffic on them. It will give users full access to the 22 miles of Lakeland Trails, which is in turn, part of the 240 mile Route 1 of the Great Lake-to-Lake Trail. The Unadilla trail will be resurfaced with compacted limestone aggregate, see the construction of a new dog waste station, and add additional signage and benches at the trailhead. (MK)