A Linden business owner is reaching out to the city for help in developing a multi-story mixed use structure.

Earlier this month, Nicole Wax, owner of Wax Orthodontics, presented her plans to develop the Union Block property of Linden City Council. Wax purchased the property in 2016, after it had been vacant for 9 years following a fire. According to the Tri-County Times, she originally planned for a 2 story building, but with city support and financial assistance can make it 3. Wax’s plans are for 2 stories of commercial space, and condominiums on the third. She’s aiming for a historic look to the building. Financial help for the project could come through a revitalization program from the Michigan Development Economics Corporation. Wax is hoping to have construction documents done by March, with construction starting in April, but to put condos in, she says she needs a tax abatement on the commercial floors.

If the city is not willing to cooperate there, a representative from Wax’s development team said the city could help in other ways. Some of those ways suggested were paying for the water main underneath the building, paying for sewer taps, completing sidewalks around the property, or by waiving a liquor license fee for a proposed first story restaurant. Wax said she’s heard a lot of positive feedback and hopes this can help make a more walkable downtown Linden. (MK)