The rezoning of a parcel in Fenton Township would provide the owner of a local orchard the opportunity to expand.

Changes could be on the way at Mueller’s Orchard off of Linden Road. Earlier this month, owner Charles Mueller was present for the Fenton Township Board of Trustees meeting where a first reading for rezoning of land next to his orchard was held. The parcel, currently zoned as single family residential, would be rezoned as agricultural if approved. According to the Tri-County Times, the property was originally part of the parcel with the orchard 100 years ago, but had been split, rezoned, and sold different times throughout the years. Mueller bought it when it became available again to protect his orchard. One of the major features of the property is a barn nearby the orchard. Mueller said he hopes to recondition it inside as it was when it was built.

The orchard’s petting zoo could be moved inside while the barn also serves as a museum so that visitors can see what a working barn used to be like. Residents who spoke up about the request at the latest meeting of the Planning Commission were in favor of the rezoning. The next reading will be held during their January 8th meeting. (MK)