As area residents head back to work or start shoveling out after the holiday snow squalls, Northfield Township is offering some tips and reminders for when the snow hits again.

Officials advise that it is illegal to plow or shovel snow onto roadways, as leaving trails of snow across a roadway can cause unsafe driving conditions for motorists. It is also illegal to deposit snow on the shoulders of the road in such a way that it blocks motorists’ views of traffic. Officials say it’s inevitable that as soon as someone clears their driveway, a snow plow will drive by and block them in again. One suggested way to avoid that, or at least lessen the amount that needs to be re-cleared, is to shovel snow in the direction of traffic and to clear an area before the driveway. That in turn allows a space for plows to drop snow, at least somewhat, prior to passing a driveway.

Meanwhile, sidewalks in Northfield Township are to be cleared by the owners of properties adjacent to the sidewalks. In the event of snow of greater than one inch on a residential property, the property owner has 24 hours to clear the snow and/or ice. For non-residential properties, any snow or ice accumulated prior to 6am needs to be removed by noon that day. (JM)