A house closely tied to the founders of Green Oak Township may soon be getting a historical site designation.

The Warden House, located at 9797 Rushton Road was recently selected for historical district status by the township’s Study Committee. The committee’s request was before the Green Oak Township Planning Commission at their regular meeting Thursday night. Chairperson Lamberto Smigliani spoke of the significance of the site. He said, “So this charts back to the history of the township, the founding fathers of the township, and some of the history of Michigan and early settlements. This house has significance to the original families of Green Oak Township.”

The house is a traditional stick frame farm house that was typical of what you find at the time the township was being founded 150 years ago. If given historical district status, the parcel which is currently zoned as R2-Single family, will not affect any of the surrounding parcels in any way. Township Planner Paul Montagno said in a letter to the Planning Commission that its new designation should not be detrimental to the existing land uses or future growth potential of the area. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of making the Warden House a historic site to the Township Board of Trustees. The Township Board will make a final decision at a future meeting. (MK)