A Cohoctah Township man charged with animal cruelty after dozens of dead cows were found on his property has entered a plea.

Allegations that 61-year-old Keith Edwin Huck Jr. failed to provide adequate care to various animals led to animal cruelty and letting dogs stray charges. Livingston County Animal Control conducted an investigation and found approximately 70 dead cows at two locations on Robb Road. Three pigs and five cows were found alive, however, on the property owned by Huck.

Huck recently pleaded guilty to reduced charges of failure to bury animals and abandoning/cruelty to one animal resulting in death. Huck also pleaded to reduced charges of having an unlicensed dog, though pleaded no contest for civil liability reasons.

Huck will be sentenced February 5th. If the court imposes jail time at his sentencing, he will be allowed to withdraw his plea. Huck will be required to make restitution in the amount of $19,829. (DK)