Nearly 3.5 million people from the mitten state will be taking to planes, trains, automobiles and other modes of transportation during the year-end holiday travel period.

AAA Michigan says it’s looking at another record breaking year when it comes to holiday travel and one of the busiest travel times is the week going into Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Livingston County residents can expect crowded airports and busy roads according to AAA Michigan spokeswoman Susan Hiltz. She reminds anyone traveling that preparation is key. At Detroit Metro Airport, Hiltz says today is deemed one of the worst days to travel between 3 and 5pm and from a delay standpoint, research shows it will take one-and-a-half times longer to get out.

Since the majority of people will be traveling by car though, she says it’s important to make sure vehicles are prepped for winter travel to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road, delaying plans. Hiltz says gas prices have been improving across the state, noting there’s less demand this time of year so prices at the pump should be dropping a bit. (JM)