Authorization has been given to make the final purchases for Hartland Township’s 2017 Parks Improvement Project.

The Board of Trustees approved the purchase and budget amendments for $38,400 at their regular meeting, Tuesday night. This decision came as a result of a recommendation from the Public Works department with the support of the Parks Site Committee. This will allow the township to purchase 22 picnic tables, 8 benches, and 8 trash cans with rain guard lids for Heritage Park, Settler’s Park, and Spranger Field. Supervisor Bill Fountain said that while looking at the cost of these items, there was a bit of sticker shock running through the Board. Fountain agreed that they are expensive, but said that they are a different grade than something you get at the local lumberyard. The tables are made of heavy plastic and steel so that they can withstand a lot of traffic and be more resistant to vandalism. The tables cost a little north of $900 each.

Public Works Director Bob West said this pricing is very competitive and with the quantity they were purchasing the township received a bigger discount than normal. They are buying the amenities through the U.S. Communities Government Purchase Alliance. West said they asked other bidders if they could match the Alliance’s price, to which they could not. Upon delivery of the new tables, the old will be moved to Heritage Park for Winterfest in late January and then eventually phased out. Fountain said they began this park project 5 years ago and he is excited to see it coming to completion. (MK)