Site plans for a new multi-unit rental and senior citizen development in Brighton Township have received preliminary approval.

Developers intend to build Encore Village and its 380 living units on 147 acres near Pickerel and Woodruff Lake. The project’s preliminary site plans were brought before Brighton Township’s Board of Trustees in September, but the issue was tabled due to a lack of necessary paperwork. Developers returned Monday and received unanimous approval from the board for the preliminary site plan and final conditional zoning agreement.

Residents have spoken out against the project in the past and a few did at Monday’s meeting as well. One concern was in regards to the amount of traffic the development would bring in and its effect. Township Planner Kelly Mathews says a “very detailed” road study was reviewed by the township’s engineer and the Livingston County Road Commission at the beginning of the process. Necessary improvements were listed that the developer is obligated to follow through with as part of their permits with the Road Commission. The township is also receiving $75,000 to mitigate any traffic issues that arise from the development.

Community members have also expressed environmental concerns several times throughout the project process. Mathews says developers have performed a couple of studies, but she acknowledges some residents have said they lack detail and questioned if the information is flawed. Mathews says what was submitted is typical compared to what anyone else has turned in in the past, and that the township accepts what developers present.

A third issue that was addressed by Township Manager Brian Vick is in regards to the development's expected sewer fees. Despite what some say they've heard, Vick says Encore Village will not be receiving a discount on REU, or Residential Equivalent Unit fees. REU is the unit of measurement used to establish sewer rates for system users. (DK)