Monday night saw a retirement ceremony for Genoa Township Official Barbara Figurski.

At age 86, Barbara Figurski has served on Genoa Township’s Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals for the past 48 years. Monday night, Figurski was surrounded by township representatives, friends, and family as she celebrated her 48 years of service to the community with a retirement party in her honor. Genoa Township Manager Michael Archinal told WHMI she is responsible for shaping Genoa Township into what it is today with her overseeing several major construction projects done to the community. Figurski said one of the highlights of her career was receiving the privilege of having a township road named in her honor. The road that meets between Grand River and Latson right behind the Howell Art Van was named Figurski Drive after her 40th Anniversary as a township official.

Both past and present township representatives spoke on Figurski’s behalf and praised her efforts she put towards the community. Figurski said she felt blessed with all of the gifts and speeches she received. She also praised Genoa Township saying it is an amazing township with the most amazing people. (DF)