UPDATE: Aoki's body was found at around 11am Saturday near where his car was found. Sheriff Mike Murphy says while no signs of foul play were apparent, they are still investigating and that anyone with information should call their tip line at 517-546-8477.

A missing person’s car was recently found in Hartland Township and the public’s help is being sought in providing any pertinent information.

33-year-old Ryoji Aoki of Detroit has been missing since Wednesday, December 6th. Aoki reportedly left his place of employment in Livonia around noon that day and has not been seen since. His car, a red 2013 Mazda 3 hatchback, was found that same day two miles east of US-23 near Clyde and Bullard Road in Hartland Township. The vehicle was unlocked and his cellphone was found inside, though the vehicle’s keys were not.

Aoki’s supervisor reportedly had allowed him to leave work early that day because he did not appear to be in a good state of mind. The supervisor attempted to contact Aoki the next day and when he was unsuccessful, went to his residence where Aoki’s roommate told him Aoki had not come home the night before. After verifying Aoki was not in any of the local hospitals, jails, or morgue, family members waited to see if he would show up at work this past Monday. When he did not, family members made contact with his roommate, who indicated a notice had come in the mail that Aoki’s vehicle had been impounded.

Aoki’s brother says the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that the vehicle they impounded is connected to a missing person’s case. Anyone with information about Ryoji Aoki or the circumstances of the discovered vehicle is asked to call 313-596-5440. (DK)