The Salvation Army of Livingston County says the recent arrival of snow and slushy roads didn’t diminish the generosity of residents when it comes to red kettle donations.

As Christmas nears and the year is ending, officials say some generous individuals heard the need for help and help is exactly what they did. They say a pleasant surprise was received in the red kettles recently; four gold coins and a gold bar. That’s in addition to two silver coins received the week before. The gold and silver totaled over $6,100 and helped red kettle donations last weekend total around $13,290. Without the gold, the kettle donations would not have reached their expected totals. Officials thanked the generous donor of the gold and silver, saying he or she brought smiles to the faces of the volunteers and staff counting donations. The donations also helped remind them that the community has faithfully helped the Salvation Army meet the needs of individuals and families throughout the years and will once again do that this Christmas season.

On Friday, Major Prezza Morrison posted a video to the Salvation Army Livingston County Facebook page during the toy shop Christmas distribution event, where over 500 families were being assisted through a partnership with the Marine Corps League Toys for Tots program. She thanked the community for its generosity and how the funds support local programs and services.

The Salvation Army still has a little over $175,000 to reach the set $385,000 goal. Individuals, families or groups wishing to volunteer as a bell ringer in the final week before Christmas can visit Donations can be dropped in various red kettle locations through December 24th. Monetary donations may be brought in to local Corps at 503 Lake Street in Howell or mailed to The Salvation Army P.O. Box 647, Howell, Mi 48844. Donations can also be made online through the link provided or by texting HOPELC to 41444. (JM)