52-year-old Michael Todd McIntyre of New Hudson on Thursday was ordered to serve a mandatory life in prison sentence without the possibility of parole.

That followed his conviction by a jury in October for First Degree Murder in the deadly 1991 attack of his ex-girlfriend’s mother, Diane Ross, of Lee Township in Midland County. Police say that in August of that year, Ross, a 43-year-old double amputee, was aggressively beaten by a male intruder in her home and died several hours later from her injuries. The victim’s daughter had recently broken off a relationship with McIntyre around that time. Ross’ grandson, who was just 5 years-old, was present at the time of the murder and sought help for his grandmother following the incident.

The case went unsolved for 25 years, but in 2014 Michigan’s Office of Attorney General was asked to join the investigation with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office after new evidence was revealed by investigators. Authorities say the physical evidence pointed toward McIntyre. One of Ross' sisters, Lindy Barton, said after McIntyre's sentencing that "we now have our memories and sweet closure." (JK)