A local program that helps combat veterans or anyone who has suffered from trauma has celebrated their 3rd graduating class.

Reboot is a faith based organization that helps people who have experienced trauma deal with it, expose it, and reverse the hold it has on them. Operating nationally since 2011, Dave Ferris started up the program locally around a year ago. On average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day, but no one who has gone through Reboot has taken their own life. Thursday night, at Venture Church in Hartland Township, 12 veterans graduated from the class. Ferris said he understands that it’s not always easy to admit you need help and that the faith aspect of the program makes some initially apprehensive, but it gets results.

He shared a story that explains the difference he sees in people between day 1 and graduation. He said one womanwasn’t even going to come into the room and started having panic attacks and crying, but stuck with it and sat through the first class. After week 5 or 6 she could finally come into the room, sit on her own and start talking to people. “That’s not an usual thing,” Ferris said. “Usually around the 3rd or 4th week people begin to open up, they seek the company of the other people there, and they begin to get their lives back.”

Ferris said they are not a recovery group, they are a class, and that you aren’t going to be cured when you leave. But what you graduate into, he notes, is a support system. He said they don’t let the people flounder once they graduate. They follow up with them, they keep in communication, have alumni events, and tune-ups. Once you take part, you are part of the Reboot family. The next 12 week Reboot class is scheduled to begin in March. Anyone looking for more information, or to register, can do so online at www.rebootrecovery.com. (MK)