A local judge will not be recusing himself from a case regarding a dispute over the use of a road in Hamburg Township.

65-year-old Mary Ann Lamkin has been at odds with Hamburg Township and her neighbors for years over the status of Island Shore Drive. Lamkin claims the road is her private property, despite being the only access for other residents and a local hardware store. Lamkin was caught in the middle of another altercation in May, when she began arguing with a man who was driving on Island Shore Drive, then allegedly hit his vehicle with a garden tool. When police arrived, Lamkin told them the man tried to run her over with his van. She was charged with malicious destruction of property and false report of a felony.

Last month, a motion was filed on her behalf, which sought to have the presiding judge recused from the case. On Thursday, Circuit Court Judge Michael P. Hatty denied the motion for the court to disqualify itself. Court records indicate Lamkin’s attorney plans to appeal the decision. A status conference is scheduled in January.

Lamkin has served jail time in the past for her actions in blocking Island Shore Drive. She and her husband have filed numerous personal protection orders against neighbors and their family members. But the contentious issue of the road’s status has presented problems beyond Lamkin and her neighbors.

Township Supervisor Pat Hohl previously told WHMI Island Shore Drive has been in contention for the past 30-plus years and during that time, township residents have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on increased insurance and litigation involving Lamkin. (DK)