A car was hit by a train this morning in Fenton after getting stuck on the tracks.

An elderly couple escaped injury after their car became stuck on the railroad tracks near Silver Lake Road. Fenton Police say they were called shortly before 7:30am by a towing company after being notified that a 2008 four-door Saturn driven by a 78-year-old man had struck a curb and came to rest with the rear of the vehicle on the tracks. The company requested assistance from police in locating the car as quickly as possible. A passerby attempted to push the car off the tracks, but after seeing an eastbound train come into view, the passerby, along with the driver of the car and his 78-year-old wife, moved out of the way before the train hit the vehicle.

The collision forced the car to knock down a light pole and then hit a “do not stop on railroad tracks” sign. The stopped train caused several nearby railroad crossings to be blocked, forcing motorists to seek alternate routes through town. The train was finally able to resume its journey by about 9:15AM. (JK)