It’s not too late to help a child-in-need with a gift this holiday season.

Time is winding down on the current Toys for Tots campaign. Toys for Tots is a popular Marine Corp program that helped bring a little Christmas joy to roughly 7 million children last year. Once again this year, the Salvation Army of Livingston County has partnered up in collaboration with them. Major Prezza Morrison said that they are ready to begin giving the gifts out, but there is still time to donate. Donations, while technically are being accepted through Friday, can still be dropped off Monday if a person can’t make it in in time. Distribution of the gifts will take place this weekend and next.

Gifts can be dropped off at their community center located at 503 Lake Street in Howell, from 9-5 on weekdays. Morrison said they are especially in need of gifts for older children, so if you have some toys or presents for them, it would be greatly appreciated. There is a still a need for volunteers as well. People are needed to help deliver the gifts, set up their toy shop during the week, and help clients who have to come to shop on Friday and Saturday.

More information on the Toys for Tots program can be found through the link below. To volunteer, contact Darlene Howard at the Salvation Army of Livingston County by calling (517) 546-4750. (MK)