Authorities are investigating the discovery of a hand grenade in an abandoned trailer in Lyon Township.

Deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Lyon Township Substation were dispatched to the Haas Lake RV Park on the report of a suspicious circumstance. An employee of the RV Park was cleaning out an abandoned trailer that had been left on the property by a customer, when she discovered what appeared to be a hand grenade inside the trailer. The employee picked up the device and moved it into an open field, then called 9-1-1.

Upon arrival, deputies were able to determine that the body of the grenade had been drilled out, but the device still had the fuse portion attached and the safety pin in place. The Michigan State Police Bomb Disposal Unit was contacted and a bomb technician from the unit responded to the scene to examine the device. The bomb technician determined that the device was inert but the fuse may still have had a charge.

MSP took possession of the device for disposal and detectives will be continuing to investigate. (DK)