All animals have been seized from a Livingston County-based animal rescue organization.

Livingston County Animal Control officers were at Last Chance Rescue in Howell Township on Monday, and then returned Wednesday to seize all of the animals from the shelter. Last Chance Rescue operates out of a house and kennel on property owned by Sharon Kizer, founder and president of the group. According to an email from the organization, two disgruntled former volunteers have made repeated complaints to Animal Control that prompted the animal’s seizure. They say one had repeated “altercations” with fellow volunteers and was asked to leave and another is accused of misappropriating funds. Last Chance Rescue claims the pair orchestrated a campaign of falsified complaints. They further stated that they are sanctioned by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and “have never been in violation on any inspection” with them.

However, Department of Ag officials confirm that they are investigating Last Chance Rescue, but the results of that inquiry won’t be known until next week at the earliest. In addition, Livingston County Animal Control officers have responded to complaints at the shelter in the past, that have included unsanitary facility conditions, dogs constantly being loose, sick animals being adopted out and the shelter being over the allotted number of dogs allowed under their kennel license.

Despite that, the organization insists their kennel was not in violation, nor had any tickets issued by either Animal Control or the Michigan Department of Agriculture, both of which they say did inspections in the last month. They also say they are concerned about the fate of the animals that were seized, especially those that can’t be rehabilitated due to severe neglect or old age, which they fear means they will be the first to be euthanized by Animal Control. Details are still being sought by WHMI from Livingston County Animal Control as to the reason for seizing the animals. (JM/JK)