A local Boy Scout troop participated in a special ceremony and is sharing the Light of Peace with any who are interested.

Every November a child from Austria fetches the light from a grotto in Bethlehem where it is believed Jesus was born. The light is captured in a pair of blast proof miner lamps and then begins a journey where it is distributed to others across Europe, eventually making its way to New York. From there it spreads across the United States, and this year, Pinckney Boy Scout Troup 312 received the light in a ceremony held in Ann Arbor. That ceremony was held last week. Scout Master Chuck Thibodeau said it took a moment for the gravity of what they were participating in to sink in to some of the Scouts, but once they saw the pictures of the lantern’s travels, heard the stories, and saw the light themselves, everything began to make deeper sense.

Thibodeau said the pastor at his church, Arise United Methodist, in Pinckney, was so excited to learn of the light being so close that they are lighting their advent candles from it and will share it with members of the congregation on Christmas Eve. Troup 312 is more than happy to share the Peace Light and pass it off to any others who are interested. Thibodeau said he is willing and prepared to drive the east-west I-94, I-96 corridor to deliver it. You can email him at cthib@live.com to arrange a date, time, and location to receive the light. (MK)