Two suspects have been arraigned in connection with the theft of snow plows from a business in Hartland Township.

Troopers from the Michigan State Police Brighton Post say 28-year-old Albert Cook III of Webberville and 26-year-old Joshua Couden of Wixom were taken into custody last weekend in relation to the November 20th theft of eight snow plows from Beauchamp Landscaping off of Old US-23. Couden was arraigned on two felony charges, including larceny ($20,000 or more) and receiving and concealing stolen property ($20,000 or more). He is being held on $50,000 cash or surety bond. Cook was arraigned on two felony charges of receiving and concealing a stolen motor vehicle. He was given a $50,000 PR bond.

Beauchamp's General Manager of Operations Ken Marone told WHMI they appreciate the community involvement in helping locate the plows within 35 miles of the facility – which he says was the result of tips, camera systems and good police work. Marone says they’re grateful authorities were able to track down the plows, saving the business a huge insurance claim. He noted Trooper Hammond really took the lead on the investigation and they’re grateful everyone put so much time and effort in. He added through multiple robberies in the past, they’ve been unsuccessful in recovering some equipment so it was really nice to have things work out this time around, get everything back and get some people locked up. Marone added upgraded security systems have really paid dividends when it comes to helping monitor their buildings and people won't get away with just taking things anymore.

Police say several anonymous tips were received in regard to possible sighting of a light blue or green truck pulling a trailer full of plows being sighted the morning of the theft. Employees at Beauchamp’s also located several social media ads displaying identical plows for sale and Craigslist ads were found on the internet displaying the plows for sale using the same photo. Police say suspects were developed and LAWNET detectives assisted with surveillance.

A search warrant was obtained and executed at an address in Webberville and the eight stolen plows were recovered along with additional stolen property including several vehicles, construction equipment, trailers, and other miscellaneous items totaling over $250,000. (JM/JK)