A Brighton Township teen accused of sexually assaulting several girls will remain in a juvenile detention facility for the time being.

The teen, who is not being named because he is a juvenile, was originally charged with 31 felonies connected to allegations that he sexually assaulted three girls. He entered into a plea deal in which he admitted to six of the charges, including first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Having served his 45 day sentence in the Monroe County Youth Center, a hearing was held in Livingston County Juvenile Court earlier this afternoon. The teen appeared via live video, as his Probation Officer Danielle Domzalski says it wasn't in his best interest to appear in person due to recent death threats he's received.

At the hearing, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Marilyn Bradford argued that the teen should not be released from the facility because he has not received a psychological evaluation yet, nor has a safety plan been created. Referee Chelsea Thomason agreed, ruling that the teen will remain in the Monroe County Youth Center until both have been completed. The evaluation is tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday. A January 30th hearing will determine restitution fees, however future court dates regarding the teen's release have not been set at this time.

Thomason also added stipulations she wants included in the safety and supervision plan for the teen once he is released. The teen is not allowed on Brighton or Kensington Woods High School property or to attend events sanctioned by the schools to further avoid contact with the victims. Brighton Area Schools Superintendent Greg Gray has confirmed the student will not be attending BHS upon his release. Thomason also ruled the teen will not be allowed to spend nights away from home, host sleepovers, or have devices that connect to the internet. Future court dates for the teen have not been set at this time.

Just before the hearing, over 100 people rallied outside the Judicial Center in Howell to engage in a peaceful protest. Organizers say the goal was to show support for the victims, as well as encourage any who haven’t spoken out yet to come forward.

Several family members of the victims noted how pleased they were with the large turnout and community support at the protest. However many of them were unhappy with the outcome of today’s hearing. 33-year-old Ashley, mother of one of the victims, feels the situation remains “open-ended”. 53-year-old Jackie, also a mother of a victim, says in terms of progress, there has been “none whatsoever”.

The teen’s attorney, Edwin Literski, declined to comment at the hearing. (DK)